Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No more Clomid headaches!

Sadly, it looks like the Clomid this month was too much for my body. I have one follicle that is ready to ovulate, but my lining is only 5 mm this time (as opposed to 7.5 mm last month, which was already thin). We are going to try estrogen still, but it is likely that I will ovulate on my own very soon and the lining probably won't thicken after I ovulate. The doctor said he has only seen a few pregnancies acheived with a lining that thin in his 40 or so years as an RE... So the good news is that I shouldn't be too disappointed at the end of this month, since I'm pretty sure I won't be pregnant. The other good news is that I won't have any more Clomid headaches, since I won't be taking Clomid any more! Woohoo!

Thanks for your prayers. We're most likely going to take a few months off to let my body rest and recuperate, so we probably won't have any updates for a while. Unless I actually start blogging again. :)


Laura said...

"Bummer"...and "Good"...all at the same time? I'm sorry that your lining isn't thickening...but I'm glad that you won't have to experience anymore headaches. Even if you don't have updates related to your cycle, I'd still be intersted in hearing what's going on in your heart and life (if you ever feel the desire to share). Hang in there!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that this month won't be "the" month... we'll still be praying for you both, but it also seems like a break will be good.

Love you so much, and ditto on hearing what's going on in your everyday life, too. :) We miss you and can't wait to see you (maybe in April?? I'm still waiting to hear about where I'll be for work...)

Jessie said...

I'm sorry the Clomid wasn't cutting it for you, but at least you are done with the bad side effects. Have your docs mentioned Femara/Letrozole? Its taken orally like Clomid but works in a different way so it has fewer side effects. I took it for a few cycles, combined with a few days of low-dose injectabe FSH (Bravelle) and a trigger shot of Ovidrel. Of course, it didn't work, but I did produce a nice follicle each cycle. :) I'm keeping you in my prayers, whether you're blogging or not! :)

Amanda Hoyt said...

I'm sorry to hear the latest news. I have been thinking of and praying for you alot lately. I don't get to blog as much as I'd like to but you are on my heart alot.
Hugs and prayers,
P.S. are you on Facebook?