Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm just going to throw this out there and let you all know how my crazy mind works. There is a robot that has been following me around my mind lately. His name is Ovutron, and he says, "Ovulate! Ovulate!" over and over again in his creepy robot voice. He also carries around a syringe to stab me with on cycle day 12. If I could draw, Ovutron would have his picture featured on this blog. :)

I got great news today! There is one egg that is ready to ovulate and two more that are still growing (yeah, I'm feeling that) and will possibly ovulate. So maybe one, two or three babies, but probably no more than that... which is perfect. So tonight I get to inject myself with Ovidrel (an ovulation stimulating drug), which will help the egg(s) finishing growing and make me ovulate sometime on Thursday morning.

The medications for this cycle haven't been too bad cost-wise (especially since our insurance doesn't cover them at all); I think we've spent around $120 for those. We don't know what the monitoring will cost us yet... Our insurance may cover it (except 10%), but if not, it is $590 per monitoring (with us having two days of monitoring) for a grand total of $1300 per cycle... So please pray for us that the insurance will cover the blood tests and ultrasounds! Or that we get pregnant right away!

Speaking of pregnant, I get a blood pregnancy test two weeks from Thursday... so March 4th might be my new favorite day. :) (Although since it brought one of my favorite cousins into the world, it's already an awesome day. Love you, Emily!) Don't you all go calling me on March 4th now!

I don't know the results of my husband's tests... Apparently patient confidentiality prevents them from telling his wife. I'm hoping the doctor will call him today and let him know - and that they will be all clear! Oh, but the great news is that we didn't have to pay for his karyotyping!!! We were very grateful for that, because it could have been several hundred dollars.

Another prayer request is for my headaches... Clomid has been giving me pretty constant bad headaches... and sometimes they make me grumpy. :(

Update at 10:27 PM, approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes post shot:
Yikes, that is a fierce headache. Also, I would be okay NOT feeling my eggs maturing. Really.


Shaina N said...

I used to take hormonal birth control in high school for irregular periods/ovarian cysts. I FEEL YOU on the headaches (I'm assuming that the Clomid causes hormonal headahces). They sucked sooooooooo bad, and I'm never taking HBC again. I can imagine your devotion to endure all this for a baby! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Laura said...

I'll be praying for you tonight and on through Thursday. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate your positive outlook? God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just came across your blog. I've also had two miscarriages and we are waiting to get pregnant again. Your faith is so refreshing and really gave me the encouragement I needed today after another negative test. I'll be praying for us both to have our miracle babies soon.

In Christ