Friday, February 5, 2010

Would you do it?

This past Monday I was so sure that I was pregnant. If I had had a million dollars to bet on it, I would have done it. My temperatures in my LP always drop by 10 DPO, 11 at the latest, and at 12 DPO they were continuing to be in the range that has only ever meant pregnancy for me. I also went from being hungry for one or two meals a day to eating three plus snacks in between. My breasts were sore, and I was nauseous and bloated in the evenings. I was feeling dizzy after standing at work for 3-4 hours.

But then I tested on Tuesday (13 DPO) and got a negative. Say what?!?

Well, guess what my (not so) beloved nurse told me later that day... Clomid can change your LP! Thank you for letting me know that when I started taking it, so that I wouldn't get my hopes up! Why wouldn't you tell me that before?

I actually made it to 14 DPO with high temperatures and then my temp finally fell below my coverline on day 15 - yesterday. AF showed up today.

I called my nurse yesterday to start setting up this month's treatment cycle, after I was sure that AF was on her way. Well, really, I just called to ask when I could come in for my Clomid prescription because I wasn't supposed to be coming in for any appointments.... But wait, there's more! They actually want to full on monitor me for these treatment cycles... Which would be fine if my insurance covered it at all. But it doesn't. Therefore, if we go through with this treatment, it will cost us $900 per month for a 25 freaking percent chance (per month) of getting pregnant. And forget my chances of actually carrying that baby to term... I mean, they're slightly improved over my chances without the Clomid, but still.

I was convinced that we were done with medical expenses and our mostly drained savings account hasn't had a chance to be replenished yet. We currently have enough money to do one cycle at that price and probably two more after that with what is coming back from the government in refunds, but I don't like to live life without an emergency fund.

So my question is, would you do it? And what are my chances of finding a doctor who will do an unmonitored Clomid cycle? Is that a reasonable request?


Rene' said...

You can't really put a price on motherhood, but I think I would wait at least a month to try and get your savings up as much as possible. After you have enough saved that your comfortable with, I would go for it full force. Good luck! I'm looking forward to hearing good news soon!

Laura said...

Oh frustrating! I'm not one to usually recommend "waiting", but my journey has been one that has essentially "forced" me to learn patience. I don't know if there's harm in starting then stopping then starting Clomid again, so perhaps this idea won't work. But what about taking a "break" (not necessarily from "trying", but at least from Clomid and doctors and bills) and focusing on praying about it ("it" being everything from TTC, bills, doctors, wisdom, timing, guidance, etc.)? I realize that I'm not in any kind of condition to tell you how to run your life, so I pray I'm not coming across that way... I'll pray for wisdom and peace in your decision, either way. God bless!

Jessie said...

I don't think you'll find an RE who will do an unmonitored Clomid cycle, but many OB-GYNs do. Problem is that your history/diagnosis will probably scare a typical OB-GYN and they'd just refer you back to an RE. I would also be hesitant to do an unmonitored cycle since Clomid is known to thin the uterine lining, and a lining that is too thin cannot support a pregnancy, AKA it can cause miscarriages.

If I were you, I would talk to your RE's office to see if they can offer you a discounted rate for the ultrasounds since you're self-pay. You could also see if going somewhere else would be cheaper for the ultrasounds. (My local hospital bills almost $800 to insurance for one ultrasound, whereas my RE office bills only $300 for an ultrasound.)

If I were you, I'd go ahead and do at least one cycle now, and in the meantime, go over your budget with a fine tooth comb to see if you can save any extra money to put toward future treatment cycles. Hopefully the first cycle is all it takes. :)

ottspot said...

I am on my third month of Clomid - my ob/gyn wrote me a 3 month prescription and that was it! But we don't have any medical history or known problems. In fact, we already know that I ovulate regularly, but my ob/gyn thought it was worth a shot to up our chances by trying Clomid. And, no, they didn't mention it could lengthen cycles either - I found that out courtesy of experience and the internet!

Ellen said...

Hi there... Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog! On the monitoring front, are they planning to do IUI with you this cycle? If so, you would clearly need the U/S, but if you are just trying naturally, then possibly an unmonitored cycle would be okay. They often want to do monitoring to ensure the dosage of clomid is working (as do you, I'm sure) -- but it sure appears that it did considering you got AF. Also, I agree with asking for a reduction for self-pay and possibly shopping around. My RE charges $200 per u/s or $550 for an IUI cycle with as many u/s as necessary. Good luck!