Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why God Created Women

I love my husband, but sometimes it is painfully obvious why God created women.

Got into San Jose last night safely and proceeded to have the following conversation with my hubby on the phone:
Jonathan: Where are you? Terminal A or C?
Me: Terminal C. I just walked outside. Are you at Terminal C?
Jonathan: Yeah, turn left, I'm at the far end.
Me: Okay, coming, but it might be a few minutes, because that's the other end of the terminal. (Pause for a few minutes, finally get down to the other end.) Ummm... where are you?
Jonathan: I'm at the end of the terminal. Are you sure you're at Terminal C?
Me: Yes, I see several signs that say Terminal C.
Jonathan: Okay, try the other end. I'm near Door 5.
Me: Oh, I'm at Door 1. (Walk all the way back to the other end of terminal.) Uhhh, there's no Door 5.
Jonathan: Yes, I'm parked by it.
Me: Well, the sidewalk ends and I'm at Door 3. There is construction and I can't go past it.
Jonathan: Wait, what terminal are you at?
Me: Terminal C.
Jonathan: Oooh. (Pause) I'm at Terminal A.
Me: (Sigh.)


Candace said...

I feel your pain... I am sure that my husband and I have had many a similar conversation! Men! Gotta love them! :)

Laura said...

Makes me smile...I've had those conversations before as well. :)

JReus said...

Lol! I can just hear your voices! What are you doing in CA? When are you coming to Boston? Did Bill ever get back to you?
Love you,

Unknown said...

sounds painfully familiar!

soblessed2be said...

I had to laugh at this again...even though its like my 4th time reading it :)....We love our hubbies!!! :)