Thursday, July 23, 2009


They say your cycles change after a pregnancy (whether ending in birth or miscarriage). Sadly, I think my days of 24-27 day cycles are OVER. I am currently on day 33. Last month was 35 days. Way too long for an impatient person like myself. Sadly, I don't know where I am in the two week wait because I no longer temp! My, oh my.

Sorry for the self-loathing that snuck into my post yesterday. That's about where I spend most of my days, so it was pretty real, but I shouldn't take it out on other people. I'm sure that's not what they're thinking when I explain what I'm doing or not doing right now. It's only what I'm thinking.


Brooke said...

I wonder if your short cycles were what resulted in the MC. Did you ever have your progesterone levels checked? I am sure you have. It just seems like 24-27 days is really way to short. If your luteal phase was less then 10 days that could be part of the reason. Dunno just thinkin.

dauthi said...

I actually didn't notice any self-loathing in your last post till you pointed it out :P Ultimately, this is your journal/blog, and as such, you have the right to write whatever you like.

I constantly think people are judging me over every aspect of my life that they know about. It's an incredibly stressful way to live and think... especially since rationally I know they most likely aren't thinking anything of the kind, but that doesn't stop me from being paranoid :-)

Kim said...

I have 40 day cycles - well at least I did before I became pregnant this last time. I haven't gotten my period yet since having my son, I'm kind of hoping I don't for a while. I hope my cycles get shorter, though. 40 days feels too long when you're trying to conceive!

Monty said...

Ugh. My cycle was really messed up after my second loss. My first cycle was 47 days and then the next was 22 days? I didn't ovulate during either! but THEN I got pregnant - third time has been a charm for us! I ovulated CD 17 that cycle.
Good luck!