Monday, December 27, 2010

26 weeks: Bigger than Ever

Well, we've hit 26 weeks today and I'm still feeling good! Yesterday I reached a new milestone with my first day of swollen ankles - I think I did a little too much walking around/standing, so I'll be trying to stay off my feet mostly for the rest of vacation. My hands are also starting to swell ever so slightly. Let's keep praying for no preeclampsia!

I felt "for sure" hiccups in each of the babies at separate times yesterday, which was fun. :)

I'm still not having too many contractions in a day, although I definitely get more when I walk around or do too much. But praise the Lord for no pre-term labor episodes yet - I'd love to keep off of bedrest for as long as possible!

Still no decision about names... although Jonathan and I do need to have a conversation about them while we are on break and he is rested and has time to do whatever he wants, rather than having to come home and cook for me and do chores after a long day of work!

We are so in love with these sweet boys and can't wait to meet them... in 9+ weeks' time (hopefully)!

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Crysi said...

They'll be here before you know it! 9 weeks seems so soon to me. Keep those feet up, not only for the swelling, but to keep contractions at bay. I actually had no idea how badly swollen I was until I was on hospital bedrest. I had ankles again! Make sure you take off your rings before it's too late too or they will have to cut them off. Sooner rather than later.