Friday, July 30, 2010

I know there are two!

Dear Twinkles,

Yes, I know this early that there are two of you! Not only was my hCG through the roof at only 17 DPO (880! that's almost 6 times what it was with your big sis Olivia on the same day!), but you have made your presence known very early, very strongly.

- I am only 4.5 weeks and I already threw up this morning.
- My uterus feels like pizza dough being stretched out extremely quickly - so much that I thought I was cramping for the past week, wondering when my next cycle was going to start, and that stretching is so strong that it is making my lower back hurt! Ouch!
-I also know that there were two eggs. I saw you both before you were alive!

You are so darling to me, my loves. I hope that we have the next 60-80 years together, but whatever time we have is precious to me!

Your daddy is bursting with love for you already. He has already tried to find the "What to Expect" book so that he can make me eat right, he called me several times yesterday to remind me of things I was not allowed to do any more (lift anything, run around, fall down the stairs, clean the bathroom or anything else). He is already calling you "the babies" and prays for you frequently.

We love you and can't wait to see you for the first time! Only two weeks, and yet it seems like it will be such a long time before then!

Love and hugs and kisses from your smitten mommy,


soblessed2be said...

totally in sweet! how are you doing darling?

Crysi said...

I'm so happy and excited for you. If you need any twin advice or support, let me know. Fingers crossed for a happy, healthy and uneventful twin pregnancy.