Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back on the (Infertility) Treadmill

After one very short month off, I'm back on the infertility treadmill. Had my conversation with my doctor today about the plan for the next few treatment cycles. We're going with injectibles but no IUI (thankfully, he was totally with me on that not being necessary). Even though we won't be starting until my next cycle begins, we have lots to do to even prepare for that day, so we have to start now!

Next up, injectible classes and ordering our first round of medications. Wouldn't it be awesome if this worked the first time around? (Wow, okay, that was a little too optimistic for me. Back to reality.)


Brooke said...

You be as optimistic as you like! That may be just the ticket. You never know.

Anonymous said...

I will be optimistic with you! We're starting Clomid and I'm going to be optimistic that it works the first time around too! Praying for you guys, I hope we both get our third babies very soon.


Laura said...

It would be awesome if it worked the first time around! It's okay to think that way. Hang in there!