Thursday, January 7, 2010

Problem #4

I went in this morning for my Day 3 ultrasound and bloodwork. I was really impressed by the efficiency of the Shady Grove office. I got to my appointment about 20 minutes early and got seen almost right away. I was out of the building by 10 minutes after my appointment was supposed to start... Wow!

The good news is that on my own I had 3 follicles in my right ovary and 7 in my left. My LH and estrogen were normal. My FSH was still higher than normal at 10.7 (over 10 is considered "high"). My new medical problem of the visit (and, yes, I have come to expect a new problem at each office visit) was that I had an elevated prolactin and TSH levels, which suggests yet another problem (hypothyroidism), if the results were not just a fluke. We'll be retesting those either later this cycle or maybe next month (the nurse wasn't super clear on when) and if they are still high, I get to go see an endocrinologist to get put on medication, hopefully just temporarily to straighten things out.

We're continuing on with the Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test this month - prepare ye the way for hot flashes.

Next appointments: January 14 for retesting of the FSH levels, January 15 for genetic counseling for the MTHFR mutations (to discuss next steps).

P.S. I started a part-time job at Ann Taylor Loft today. Hooray for employee discounts!


JReus said...

ATL!? You would. :)

Melanie said...

Hot flashes~the love of Clomid! I got those alot while I was on them in July & August. Congrats on your new job at ATL! I hope this Problem #4 is a fluke... I am thinking and praying for you my friend...

God bless you,