Friday, December 11, 2009

Yet another problem... sheesh.

Okay, the update that everyone has been waiting for. Sorry, this has been a hard week, with Olivia's due date and the anniversary of the worst day of my life (Max's 12 week ultrasound, where we found out there was no baby), and I have been thinking and not wanting to write much.

Last Wednesday was my first appointment with an RE, Dr. McClamrock. In regards to my septum, he told me a very similar story to what Dr. Blanchard had said: it is muscular, possibly/probably not what is causing the miscarriages, and very hard to take out (because it is muscular, not fibrous), so he'd like to leave it in for now, unless I have one or two more miscarriages, in which case we will rethink. He also took a look at all of the other tests I have had run and that is where we come to my second problem.

It turns out that my FSH (follical stimulating hormone) from October was a 10, which is within the normal range (which is why the other doctors overlooked it), but not normal for someone my age... More normal for a 35 or 40 year old. So we are looking at me having poor ovarian reserve, if the October test wasn't a fluke and the blood test I have on Monday confirms that number. Poor ovarian reserve means that my body has to work harder to produce an egg each month, and when it does, the eggs are often of poor quality, which would be another possible explanation for the two miscarriages. After confirming a high FSH number on Monday, I am going to go through the Clomiphene citrate challenge test in my January cycle, which means that they will test my FSH level on day 3 of my cycle, then I will take Clomid for days 5-9, and then they will retest my FSH level on day 10 to see if I am responding to ovarian hyperstimulating drugs. The Clomid may help my body produce an egg (0r hopefully many eggs), which would help me get pregnant, and have another shot at a healthy baby.

The doctor did say "age trumphs FSH," which means that I, as a 24 year old, am more likely to eventually have a child than someone who is 35 with the same FSH levels, but he also did say that one or two or more miscarriages are likely. At least someone is finally telling me the truth, eh?

Interestingly, my new RE was part of the University of Maryland Medical Center group, but is switching over to Shady Grove Fertility Center on Monday. I guess God wanted me at Shady Grove anyway - but just sped up the process a little bit. Thanks, God.


Shaina N said...

As hard as the answers are... at least you're finally getting some!

I hate that you may have to experience more miscarriages to get to that healthy baby... I know from experience how heart-breaking a miscarriage is.

Keep us updated babe. I know this is a hard month for you, you are completely in my prayers.

God manages to work things out!

Crysi said...

Maybe you'll get twins too. :)

Glad he was honest with you and was able to give you answers. Thinking of you and sending baby dust.

JReus said...

Hi Abbie,

We're still praying praying for you.

Love you,

Brooke said...

I am sorry about your new information Abby. But at the same time some news is better then none when it comes to infertility. Its almost like you are hoping they find a problem so that you can try to fix it. The septum doesent seem to be a "fixable" problem but the FSH numbers could be. I will keep praying for you. I cant imagine how hard it was on Olivias due date. I just hope that someday soon you will be able to look forward to a due date that will bring you a healthy baby.

Unknown said...

Love you, Abbie. We'll be keeping you in our prayers, and look forward to seeing you in person (for a little bit anyway) next week!

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking about you in the next few weeks/months! I'm glad you got some answers, because now you know how to fix them. I'll be praying for you.

Melanie said...

Yeah Abbie... More answers!! That is great to hear. I am so excited that you are seeing an RE. I think that is the best way to go. I remember when they told me about my uterus I was bummed and then the miscarriage bummed me out even more and then I saw the RE and answers were just flowing. God knows where he is directing us and we just have to hear those answers we don't want to hear but thats the only way we are going to move forward.

The RE also told me that I may be one that ovulates once a year. So I don't know what the medical term for that is but of course I think the Clomid helped.

Praying for you!


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