Friday, September 11, 2009


Today was orientation for my new job as a subsitute teacher. I was so nervous, even though I knew this was just an orientation, and I didn't sleep well at all last night! That made it very difficult to get up this morning at 7.

The weather was awful on the drive over to the Board of Education. Torrential rain and traffic on MD-100 on top of that, so I had to drive really carefully, all the while fighting the urge to close my eyes.

Orientation was great (well, as great as watching training videos and presentations can be). There were probably 30 people there, a lot of them were new graduates who couldn't find teaching jobs, so they're stuck subbing until budgets improve. Sad. :(

Regardless of budget cuts, the Board of Education gave us free copies of the Substitute Teaching Handbook from Utah State University's Substitute Teaching Institute. I had looked into buying this book earlier this summer (and searched every Maryland library for it to no avail), so I'm glad I didn't spend the $20 on my own! That was really nice of them. Go Board!

I can't start working until they get my name entered into the system... Which probably won't be until next Tuesday or so. I'll definitely write all about my first day once I've had it!

P.S. I got my hair cut on Wednesday, but you're going to have to ask very nicely if you want me to post a picture (it's not bad or anything, I'm just lazy!). If I get enough requests, maybe I'll have Jonny do a photo shoot tonight. :)


Amy said...

Abbie! I've been thinking of you all day long and wondering how things went at your job :) so thanks for posting!

P.S. I got my hair cut maybe two weeks ago! I'd love to see a pic-- I vote for a photo shoot tonight via Uncle Bonny!

Anonymous said...

We require pictures. Your adoring public implores you. With whipped cream and cherries and chocolate and other tasty things with which to bribe you. :D

Anonymous said...

girl, you post that picture. i didnt sleep well for a week when i first started my job. it comes pretty naturally now, like at 9:00 every night. yikes.
- jennifer

Crysi said...

post a pic!

Unknown said...

picture please!!

Mochamama said...

how is your new job going? I've been praying for you and hope you are enjoying it!

Melanie said...

Abbie~its been awhile i know... i am sorry that i haven't kept in better contact. i was thinking about you the other day and everytime i get on the computer i forget to come to blogger. i have been busy with school & work that i just haven't been wanting to blog. i want to see pics of your hair please!!!

take care! hey im gonna add you to my facebook k!